Dear Linda,
Just a note to thank you for all of your efforts in bringing two parties together for a successful closure of what became a challenging real estate transaction. Your years of experience as a real estate agent, coupled with your expertise in problem solving, gave me confidence that the transaction, even when things looked bleak, would come to fruition. Your professionalism and encouragement throughout the process of the sale were invaluable. Thank you again for everything you did to help me and my siblings.
Ernie Rodela
Linda is a magic real estate agent, but above all a great lovely person.  I live in an area where agents were knocking on my door to take my listing.  Linda sold me my house above the Sunset Strip.  She literally made things happen and went above and beyond to get this deal done.  There were many, many hurdles and she handled all of them with utmost tact and professionalism.  I highly recommend, if you are thinking of selling or buying a home, call Linda first.  You won't be disappointed.
Brian Egan
"After looking at dozens of houses that were not making me excited to buy a new house, Linda reminded me what my husband and I told her months prior on our initial meeting. That conversation is what we needed to hear and it changed everything. The very next house we saw was the one. I distinctly remember walking in, looking at a few rooms and then stepping out into the magnificent backyard and turning to her asking, how do we get this house. She knew. She told me right then and there what we would pay for it and she was exactly right. Call it instinct, call it expertise, call it intuition, she was always a few steps ahead of the process, always calm and assured, even when we weren't. The process of buying a home isn't always easy, but having Linda as our agent made all the difference. We knew we were heard and understood. She was our advocate, fighting for us every step of the way, always forthright, communicative, strong, smart.
She was our listing agent for our previous house, too, a house she helped my husband buy as a bachelor many years ago. Selling during a worldwide pandemic was not what we were expecting, but Linda said the time was right and we acted quickly, trusting her advice 100% and we were able to get multiple offers and over asking for that house. That's skill. 
All three transactions with her have been life changing. Her guidance, starting from when she convinced my husband to buy instead of rent, has helped us to live in the house that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. The magnitude of helping people to live their dream is not lost on her. It's just part of what makes her such a superior agent." 
Daniel Heitkemper and Amber Formoe

"Working with Linda is a dream. She is a master. She understands the psychology of both buyer and seller and is a keen observer/mover of the specific markets she works in. And she has a great laugh. When we listed our house with her, she had very definite ideas about how we could best present the house and what we would need to do to generate solid offers. We trusted her expertise, followed all of her advice to the letter and, indeed, a slew of offers above asking price arrived. Our house sold in 10 days and closed 12 days later. Our buyer was happy, we were happy, I have only positive feelings about the experience. I would not hesitate to recommend working with her, either to list your home or to buy in one of the neighborhoods where she knows every detail of the market."                                                                                                                                                                               Annie and Lali Grewal

"Linda Chamberlain has been our realtor for nearly 10 years, brokering the purchase of both of our beloved homes and selling our Mt. Royal bungalow within days off market.  Linda is a tireless worker with phenomenal taste.  She has endless reserves of patience as well as acute business acumen.  As far as clients go, my husband and I are big pains in the butt.  We are picky, exacting, outspoken and thrifty.  When we were purchasing our first home, on top of all that we were also incredibly anxious.  We were much less so this time, having worked with Linda before and knowing we could trust her implicitly.  We now count her as a valued friend, and will use her for all of our real estate dealings in the future.  Linda is passionate and honest.  She loves what she does and will fight to make your dreams come true.  I can't recommend her highly enough.  I am smiling as I write this, from the couch in the living room of our dream house.  We never would have gotten this beautiful place without her.  I wish you the best of luck finding your house.  Linda will be your best asset in the search."
Jillian and Scott Shriner

"After we had to let our first real estate agent go for having achieved none of our stated goals, Linda Chamberlain came in and took on a difficult sell in a down market and managed not only to get an excellent price for our property in Brentwood, but also an all cash offer with only an 18 day escrow.  She was always professional, courteous and well prepared, having done extensive homework.  Linda advised us on the beautiful staging and presentation of our home and more importantly, was an extremely savvy negotiator - knowing exactly when to press the issue, when to stand firm and when and how to bargain, when necessary.  Linda comes with my high praise and endorsement and perhaps most tellingly, I'm very grateful the buyers didn't engage her first!"
Sam Gottleib

"I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication on the successful sale of my grandmothers property in Echo Park, CA.  Through one of the worst housing markets in recent history, you helped steer us through the difficult time and found a buyer for our very unique property near downtown Los Angeles.  Your patience and ability to bridge the differences between seller and buyer were instrumental in negotiating the final sale that worked for everyone.  I wish you continued success for your future clients."
Dale Wilcox

"Thank you Linda Chamberlain for selling my house like a PRO! After my horrible experience with that dude at Keller Williams I was in desperate need of a professional who took their job seriously and treated me respectfully. You far surpassed my expectations. You are a rockstar."
Allison Burns

"It is with great pleasure that I write this today.  Linda recently completed a real estate transaction for me and my daughter, on the purchase of a 16 unit apartment building.  Over the years I have purchased a lot of property and I have never worked with a real estate agent as good as Linda.  I say this without reservation.  She was exceptional in how she handled every aspect of the real estate transaction.  I have worked with many real estate agents over the last 30 years and I can not cite any instance when they went this far to help us.  She truly is exceptional and I will highly recommend Linda to anyone I know who needs an agent and I will certainly use her for any future real estate sales or purchases I may have in the future."
Kim Pierce and Shannon Reese

"I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for the exceptional job you did in listing and selling my house.  As you know, I had already interviewed 2 realtors before you and I was really sold on one of them before you and I met.  I was very sure I was going to go with this other agent.  But once we met, I was taken by your enthusiasm, charm and professionalism and you completely turned me around.  I just had a gut feeling that you were really going to go the whole distance - no matter what it took - to represent my house in the best possible way.  I was not disappointed!  You went the whole distance and then some.  The process was so seamless, I didn't have to think of a thing - everything was taken care of.  You were always prompt, reliable and a pleasure to work with.  Even when you obviously had a lot on your plate, you would drop what you were doing to accommodate me whenever possible.  I honestly can't think of a thing that anyone could have done to make my experience any better.  I will recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell their house and know with complete confidence that they will be pleased as I have been.  Thank you again for all your hard work."
Maureen Mahon

"I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to you.  I have recently sold my previous home and at the same time I bought my current home.  I was assisted by Linda.  I had met Linda through a mutual friend, who at the time was buying a home and Linda was her agent.  At that time, Linda assisted me in buying my first home as well.  It was a great experience.  So it would stand to reason I would track Linda down when I decided to sell/buy this time.  Selling and buying a home is a stressful process.  While trying to balance your work schedule and home life.  Under normal circumstances I think this would be difficult at best.  Although this was not my experience, while having Linda to deal with the buyers and the sellers, the appraisers, the banks, the lenders and the list goes on  I was able to tend to my business with minor distraction.  This may sound like usual stuff agents do I assure you I could increase this letter with much more detail.  But my main goal of writing is to acknowledge my positive experience with Linda Chamberlain, and her excellent service.  Linda with her care and concern for my family and I, our comfort and well being has successfully won my loyalties.  In any and future dealings in regards to my personal as well as my business.  I will do as I did with my first home and seek out the absolute best, that best being Linda.  We can't thank you enough for our new home."
Darryl Booth

"We are writing to express how delighted we have been with you.  We have bought and sold our first home, and have purchased our second home with Linda.  We are constantly referring Linda to our friends and acquaintances when they are in the market for buying or selling a home because we're so confident in her service.  We love working with Linda because you manage to be throughly professional yet very personable.  For the countless meetings we've had with you, you have been well prepared with any relevant information that might be helpful to us, and punctual each time.  We value your hard work, enthusiasm, and patience.  As architects, we stumbled into buying and fixing homes, due in part to your expertise.  We want you on our team until we buy that estate."
Alice Park and Michael McDonald

"We have worked with Linda Chamberlain on 3 different occasions over the past eight years purchasing 2 houses and selling 2 houses.  Each time, we have marveled at her market knowledge, and her ability to get things done.  We appreciate her candidness and respect her opinion.  When we decided to sell our home we understood that it was not an ideal time to enter the market.  With Linda's direction we prepared the house for showing.  We were pleased when we received multiple offers within the first 2 weeks.  Linda was unfailing in her optimism and aggressiveness to get the best price possible.  She was always available for updates, patient in explaining or listening to our concerns, and on top of deadlines and requirements.  We are happy to have sold the house and recommend Linda highly and without qualification."
Janice Shimizu and Josh Coggeshall