March 15, 2024

A home: we all need one, we all want one. A home: when it’s been around for a while, tells a story about a life and the lives lived in that house. These homes were in the same family since the 1950’s. A family with 10 kids, a mom and a dad. They had parties in the living room, danced in the living room and some fell in love in the living room. Bountiful food was made in the kitchen and many a boastful meal was had at the dining room table. Stories, if a house could share, would be plenty. Just like humans, the lines of a home begin to show with time. These 2 homes are showing their age, but the lives lived, and the stories told, will last forever. 

Today for the first time in over 50 years, these homes changed hands. Now a new story begins…. 

Represented both seller and buyer.

Offered at $1,249,000 Sold for $1,550,000